Principal’s Welcome

Vince Bumpstead – Principal of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School

Welcome To Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School

Welcome to Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, this amazing school has so much to offer our students and families. Holy Trinity Primary School is a Child Safe School. Holy Trinity Primary School is committed to creating an environment where the safety, wellbeing, and participation of all children within our care is paramount.

We pride ourselves not just on achieving high academic results, but also on developing the whole child with a social justice heart. When you join Holy Trinity, you not only become part of an amazing school community, but also a vibrant Parish Community.  Holy Trinity is a co-education school with individual classes from Prep to Year 6. We have a cohort of just under 400 students currently attending. 

Our Vision statement puts it succinctly: Live, be involved.  Love, Be inclusive. Learn, be enlightened and embrace God’s Word. We have the privilege of being apart of the Parish of St Francis Xavier in Montmorency.

Vince Bumpstead
Principal – Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School

MACS Governance Statement

Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School is a school which operates with the consent of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne and is operated and governed by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS).

MACS governs and operates Catholic schools in the Archdiocese to continue the mission of Catholic education to proclaim the Good News and equip our young people with the knowledge, skills, and hope to live meaningful lives and enrich the world around them.

Because the good work of educating the young is a co-responsible task led by every member of the Catholic school community, School Advisory Councils have been established to provide a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders. This governance model was designed to ease the administrative burden on our schools and parishes, allow parish priests to focus on the mission of education in the parish, enable greater collaboration between schools and ensure greater consistency in school policies and procedures.

More information about MACS is available at

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