Welcome to Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, Eltham North

Holy Trinity Primary School is a Child Safe School. Holy Trinity Primary School is committed to creating an environment where the safety, wellbeing, and participation of all children within our care is paramount. Live, Love, Learn and Embrace God’s Word.
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Welcome To Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, Eltham North

My aim is to give you an insight into our wonderful school. It’s an honour to be the Principal of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School because of the high levels of academic achievement and the excellent reputation for the care and nurture we provide all children at our school.

To learn more about our school, we recommend booking in a tour. Please enjoy the range of information found here that will give you an insight into our community, current parents, learn about our curriculum opportunities, tips to a smooth transition into school and so much more.

We thank you for visiting us!

Vince Bumpstead | Principal

The Holy Trinity Difference

A strong curriculum and variety of subjects help form the foundation of a quality education. We are extremely proud of the rich and diverse curriculum on offer.

Education in Faith

Holy Trinity Catholic Primary school is a faith community, inspired by the love of God,  within the Parish of St Francis Xavier, Montmorency. Students are supported to grow in their relationship with God and… learn more


Student Wellbeing is at the forefront of all that we do at Holy Trinity Primary school. At Holy Trinity Primary School we aim to provide a safe, nurturing, dynamic learning community that caters for the uniqueness of each student. We believe… learn more

The Arts

The Performing Arts Program includes Music, Drama, Dance and Instrumental Focus. Each discipline has its own distinctive body of knowledge and its own elements, techniques and… learn more

Learning and Teaching

Optimum learning occurs when teachers, working in partnership with parents, actively engage students.  Best practice pedagogy underpins learning and teaching to ensure learners are able to contribute positively as global… learn more


STEM education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At Holy Trinity, we believe that STEM embraces the modern learner. Students are given the opportunity to work in team environments using communication, collaboration… learn more

Digital Technologies

In 1969 we sent man to the moon. We now have a device that fits in our pocket that has more processing power than the computer they used. Therefore, at Holy Trinity, we empower our students… learn more


At Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, we are committed to supporting all students in the development of literacy skills and knowledge as they grow to become… learn more

Physical Education

Physical Education is important at Holy Trinity because children learn to understand the importance of exercising for a lifetime. Regular, physical activity is the best antidote to eliminate… learn more

Camps, Excursions & Incursions

To enrich students experiences and to develop their learning into real world environments, Holy Trinity students engage in a wide variety of excursions. These excursions are tied in with curriculum outcomes and are run… learn more


Holy Trinity offers a rich mathematical program that is tailored to meet every students specific needs. The mathematics program at Holy Trinity is designed using student… learn more



At Holy Trinity Primary School we enable and empower students to appreciate the importance of Language Learning and an appreciation for cultural diversity. We aim for the Italian language to be visible in all aspects of school life… learn more

Learning Support

Holy Trinity prides itself on supporting all students no matter what their academics needs may be. Education Support Employees (ESE) are an integral part of the staff at Holy Trinity, engaging… learn more

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